Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Little Night Music

A good time was had by all at the LTD/SPE Reunion kick off dinner help on June 3 at Elements on CSU's campus. About 60 people attended the event including LTD's, Sig Ep's , wifes, and CSU invited guests. CSU guests updated everyone on campus activities and building plans, while others talked about past, current and future reunions of the like. An open bar and light appetizers were served but the hit of the evening were all of the artifacts brought in my several people including Dave Huiett and Russ Krofta. People poured over the many scrapbooks from days gone by and remembered what it was like back then. There were All Sports Trophies, paddles, mugs, yearbooks, etc. It was like being back at the house one more time. My favorite from the scrapbooks was the picture of Whizzer carrying a Fosters can of beer in his mouth. I'm not sure if he was fetching it for one of us, or trotting off to have a good time on his own? Knowing Whizzer, both were possible. The food was great, hats off the Elements staff for great food and great service. And of course, thanks to Dave Huiett for pulling this all together. It was nice to see old friends once again.

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Sandy said...

Bill....good job on the blog. I finally accessed it to show Mr H.
Nice picture too !