Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Updates on Ohio Nu Sig Ep Recolonization and Homecoming at CSU


Balance Man Scholarship applications at 500!!!! 

SPE staff ( Rick and Shane ) arrive at CSU Oct.16 th. 

They will start the interview process on the 21st.  Face to Face interviews for the top 75 % of BMS.   Extra staff members will arrive in Nov, to finish interviews before the BMS Banquet in early Dec. Rick working with Jill Courson to finalize date and location at CSU.  Could have 80 to 120 people at Banquet, working on a special quest speaker. 

Rick and Shane ( SPE Hq staff ) will start to hold SPE Chapter Meetings Oct. 28th for new CSU SPE Brothers. 

LTD/SPE Brother's , it's under way!!!  Manpower goal for the new SEC is 38 Brothers! 


1. Homecoming Oct 18/19 ( open house at Elements Bistro on Sat. )

2. BMS Banquet in Dec ( 1st or 2nd week ).

Brother's, if you have not been to CSU in years, come to Homecoming, it's a WOW!!! and see Brothers you haven't seen in years. 

More to come!!  Bill Schutte 71 AVC President Ohio Nu

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ohio Nu SPE & LTD Alumni Golf Outing

Dinner and Annual Meeting


Saturday August 7, 2010


Mallard Creek Golf Course

34500 Royalton Road (Rt 82)

Columbia Station, OH 44028

(440) 236-8231


From the East side

Take I-90, I-480 or I-80 (Turnpike) West to I-71 South.  Get off at the Route 82 Strongsville Exit and head West about 5 miles.  Golf course is on the right


From the West side:

Take I-90, I-480 or I-80 (Turnpike) East to I-71 South.  Get off at the Route 82 Strongsville Exit and head West about 5 miles.  Golf course is on the right


Tee Times will start at 11:00 am


Golf  $45  18 Holes plus a cart, includes lunch at the turn and non-alcoholic Beverages (BYOB or buy at the bar) and snacks.  Prizes for Low Gross, High Gross, Closest to the Pins, Longest Drives and Skins Game ($5)


Dinner $20 at 5pm in Pavilion – includes Steak, Potato, Salad, Rolls and Dessert and non-alcoholic Beverages (BYOB or buy at the bar)


Annual Meeting to follow Dinner – Future Chapter Re-colonization to be discussed




Name: ______________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________

Phone:   _________________   Email:  ____________________________


If you have a Foursome or wish to golf with others list names:

_______________          _______________          _______________


Circle One:     Golf Only $45            Dinner Only $20           Golf & Dinner $60


Mail Payment to Rick Cubberley, 22298 Lorraine Drive, Strongsville, OH 44149

You can contact Rick at (440) 382-2290


Must Confirm Number of Golfers by July 31st

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ohio Nu News


March 2010


A Letter From The Board


By Tom Siegel tsiegel338@wowway.com


On February 16th the new Alumni Board met for their first meeting at the Strongsville Library. Elections for officers of the board were held making Tom Siegel President, Ralph McNerney Vice President, Frank Papa Treasurer and Bob Dolan Secretary.


The next order of business included a discussion of goals for the future of Ohio Nu and the necessary committees needed for us to carryout plans to reach them. The following committees were formed with a board member chairing or sitting on each committee.


Re-colonization Committee - Chairman Ralph McNerney ralph@utdallas.edu

Primary goal is to restart an active chapter at CSU. Major activities will be to develop relations with SPE National and CSU. Other activities will include communications with the SPE Regional Governor, CSU Leaders, Alumni Association, Student Life Staff and Greek Life Coordinator.


Administration Committee – Bob Dolan bdolan1@sbcglobal.net

Primary goal is to expand our communications to all Ohio Nu Alumni possible. Major activities will be to build, update and maintain an accurate Data Base and Home Page. Other activities will include the News Letter, Facebook and communications to Alumni.


Fundraising and Scholarships – Frank Papa fpapajr@yahoo.com

Primary goal is to increase the funds available to the Ohio Nu Alumni for Alumni Operations, Active Chapter Operations and Scholarships. Activities will include developing and holding fundraisers for the Alumni Corporation, fundraising for Scholarships and overseeing the administration of Scholarships.


Alumni and External Relations – Rick Cubberley rickcub@att.net

Primary goal is to increase our "Active Participating Base" of SPE and LTD Alumni. Activities will include Golf Outings, Reunions and other events. The committee will also work to build relations with other Northeast Ohio SPE Chapters and SPE Alumni in the Greater Cleveland Area.


Volunteers are needed for all committees. We are closer today of bringing back an Active Ohio Nu Chapter to CSU then in the last two decades. We can't guarantee it will be easy or even if we will succeed. One thing we can guarantee is that the help and support of the alumni is essential to making our goal a reality. Please consider chairing or joining a committee. You may have a special talent, skill or experience that is needed. If you have an interest in helping out, just call or email any board member. Our next board meeting will be in May, open to any alumni wishing to attend.


Re-colonization Report


By Ralph Mc Nerney ralph@utdallas.edu


Dave Huiett (66), Frank Papa (79), Bill Shepard (80), Ralph McNerney (71), and more recently Bob Dolan (90) have been doing background work on re-colonizing SPEs at CSU. They are now part of a new Re-Colonization Committee of the Ohio Nu Alumni and Volunteer Corporation.


Activity began with participation in CSU's ten year old Greek Alumni Council, which Dave helped establish and which acts as advisory group for the undergraduate Greek Council and supports CSU's Greek Coordinator, Bill Russell. Bill Russell is a CSU Delta Sig from the late sixties and early seventies.


Activities to date include.


In Sept., Dave, Frank, Bill and Ralph met with Dr. James Drnek, the Dean of Student Life at CSU, Bill Russell, and other Student Life Staff. The meeting reviewed the status of Greek Life at CSU. This meeting went well with evidence that this may be a good time for re-colonization.


The evidence included a strong CSU effort to become a residential campus, (CSU will be building residence halls for 4,000 students) and a new University Center will open in Fall 2010, providing potential office space for Greek societies.


Two meetings in early November were held with SPE/LTD alumni to discuss re-colonization and see if alumni would support it. 18 alumni attended these two meetings and general support for re-colonization was expressed, though there were many questions.


A 2nd meeting with Dr. Drnek and his staff was held on 3 Feb. There was discussion of developing a CSU Task Force, which would be responsible for evaluating how to develop the CSU Greek System. Greeks at CSU are experiencing some difficulty as the Delta Sigs, Tekes, and Sig Taus have lost houses.


Met with CSU Vice President Boyle on the same day and he presented an idea for privately developed Greek housing east of the YMCA (which the university now owns) between Prospect and Carnegie. Dave Huiett has been visiting universities with townhouse and condo style Greek housing systems. This may be possible at CSU through private developers.


Considering the formation of a new, local LTD Chapter as a stepping-stone to the formation of a new Sigma Phi Epsilon at CSU. This could be done as early as Fall 2010 by rushing children of SPE Alumni currently attending CSU.


Volunteers needed. Let us know if you are interested


Questions and Answers


Q: Why are we referring to the Ohio Nu Alumni Corporation as the Ohio Nu Alumni

Volunteer Corporation or AVC?

A: SPE National refers to Local Alumni Boards or Groups as Alumni Volunteer

Corporations. We want to be the same to show our desire to re-colonize

Q: How can I find information about Ohio Nu on the Internet

A: Our website at http://www.csuohio.edu/SPELTD   (Notice the caps)

Our Blog at http:  http://speltd.blogspot.com 

Our facebook Spe Ohio Nu with a communication link at speohionu@gmail.com

Q: I have a child attending CSU, does Ohio Nu have any Scholarships available and

how would they apply for them?

A: Scholarships are available up to $1,000 to Cleveland State students who are

children and/or grandchildren of Ohio Nu Sig Eps and/or LTDs. Contact

Cleveland State Financial Aid office for applications..

Q: I have a son attending CSU and would like them to become part of an active Ohio Nu

SPE or LTD chapter, who should I contact?

A: Son's, Grandson's, Nephews or Friends of SPE/LTD alumni attending or planning

on attending CSU can contact Ralph McNerney or any board member.




May – Board Meeting

August – Golf Outing & Dinner Meeting Aug 7th Mallard Creek, Columbia Station

August – Board Meeting

September – Start of New LTD Local at CSU

November – Board Meeting


Look for more Ohio Nu News in the coming months. If you have anything you would like us to share send it to any board member. Also don't forget to keep us updated with your latest email, address and contact information. Please feel free to forward the Ohio Nu News to any alumni we may not have on file.


We look forward to seeing you at the next board meeting, golf outing, annual membership meeting or fall Rush parties.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sig Ep circa 1977 (AKA When guys had hair)

Thanks to Bob Dolan, I was able to post these pictures from 1977. On the right is a running slide show of the pics, below at the bottom of the posts is a link to the album. You'll be able to view the full size pics there as well. Enjoy and Thanks Bob!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Golf Outing Pics

New pics from the golf outing have been loaded onto the website.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Little Night Music

A good time was had by all at the LTD/SPE Reunion kick off dinner help on June 3 at Elements on CSU's campus. About 60 people attended the event including LTD's, Sig Ep's , wifes, and CSU invited guests. CSU guests updated everyone on campus activities and building plans, while others talked about past, current and future reunions of the like. An open bar and light appetizers were served but the hit of the evening were all of the artifacts brought in my several people including Dave Huiett and Russ Krofta. People poured over the many scrapbooks from days gone by and remembered what it was like back then. There were All Sports Trophies, paddles, mugs, yearbooks, etc. It was like being back at the house one more time. My favorite from the scrapbooks was the picture of Whizzer carrying a Fosters can of beer in his mouth. I'm not sure if he was fetching it for one of us, or trotting off to have a good time on his own? Knowing Whizzer, both were possible. The food was great, hats off the Elements staff for great food and great service. And of course, thanks to Dave Huiett for pulling this all together. It was nice to see old friends once again.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sig Ep/LTD Reunion

Let's see ... March brought us March Madness and the first day of Spring.

In April we'll see the Masters, Easter, the Tax Man, the Indians home opener and the 2009 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductions (held in Cleveland last weekend).

May brings CSU Commencement, Memorial Day and warmer weather.

June will include the first day of Summer, the NBA Finals (Cavaliers vs. Lakers??) and another important set of events ... our 2009 SPE-LTD Reunion, scheduled in & around Cleveland State for June 3-7.

We'll be celebrating the 80th anniversary of the founding of Lambda Tau
Delta, and the 45th anniversary of becoming the Ohio Nu Chapter of Sigma Phi
Epsilon Fraternity. Hope you can join us in Cleveland ... here's the final schedule of events:

Wednesday, June 3rd: Welcome Reception ... 6:30 - 10:30PM ... Elements Bistro

Thursday, June 4th: Dinner Cruise on Lake Erie ... 7:00 - 10:00PM ... Nautica

Friday, June 5th: Stag Night ... 5:00 - 8:00PM ... Becky's ... 18th Street
near CSU

Saturday, June 6th: CSU Legacy Luncheon (+) ... 11:30AM - 3:00PM(+) ... Panel
Hall in Fenn Tower, followed by a city trolly tour & a visit to a local

Sunday, June 7th ... Travel Day/Open for those wishing to play golf or play

Submitted and coordinated by Dave Huiett