Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Updates on Ohio Nu Sig Ep Recolonization and Homecoming at CSU


Balance Man Scholarship applications at 500!!!! 

SPE staff ( Rick and Shane ) arrive at CSU Oct.16 th. 

They will start the interview process on the 21st.  Face to Face interviews for the top 75 % of BMS.   Extra staff members will arrive in Nov, to finish interviews before the BMS Banquet in early Dec. Rick working with Jill Courson to finalize date and location at CSU.  Could have 80 to 120 people at Banquet, working on a special quest speaker. 

Rick and Shane ( SPE Hq staff ) will start to hold SPE Chapter Meetings Oct. 28th for new CSU SPE Brothers. 

LTD/SPE Brother's , it's under way!!!  Manpower goal for the new SEC is 38 Brothers! 


1. Homecoming Oct 18/19 ( open house at Elements Bistro on Sat. )

2. BMS Banquet in Dec ( 1st or 2nd week ).

Brother's, if you have not been to CSU in years, come to Homecoming, it's a WOW!!! and see Brothers you haven't seen in years. 

More to come!!  Bill Schutte 71 AVC President Ohio Nu