Saturday, August 2, 2008

How to Blog (Post)

I hope some of you guys will post some comments about the golf tourney and use this blog to keep in touch. To post, click New Post at the top of the screen. To keep things in a bit of control, you'll need a Google Account or OpenId. Google is free and you can sign up as you post your comments. Thanks.


Roger said...

Great to have this

Thanks for setting this up. I was wondering if there was any activity for the alums.

And yes, I'd be interested in a get together in '09. Sorry we missed the chance for '08.

Roger Schellenberger

Anonymous said...

I agree with Roger, its great to see this site up. I am also glad to see Bill SHepard has a real job now maitaining this site.

Chuck Kensicki

William Shepard said...

OK, I finally stopped laughing, you are a funny guy Chuck. Hey, have you guys visited this site? Its a google search site for Sig Eps. It works just like google, except advertising monies go directly to the Sig Ep Educational Foundation. Try it, you earn "bucks" that you can use to buy merchandise. Shep.

Drew Kisilewicz said...

Nice pictures. Sorry to miss the golf outing this year. Only the second time in memory. Hope to be there next year.